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A reliable business enterprise from which you can avail Cold Storage Rooms, Freezer Rooms, Banana Ripening chambers, Ripening Chambers , Mushroom Growing Chambers, Chiller Rooms, Puff Panel, of marvelous quality at low costs.

About Us

APPS Cold Solution LLP, is a company which is undoubtedly one of the most reputed firms of the industry which serves industrial refrigeration systems. From the ambit of our offerings, customer can avail Vegetable cold storage, Solar cold storage, Blue star cold rooms, App cold rooms Cold Room, Cold Storage Rooms, Freezer Rooms, Banana Ripening chambers, Ripening Chambers, Mushroom Growing Chambers, Chiller Rooms, Puff Panel, Ice cream cold room, Fruit Ripening, Saffron Cold Storage, Vegetable cold storage, Blue star cold rooms, Vegetable cold room, Blast freezer, Blast chiller, BMC, and a lot more. Working as a Manufacturer, we have set only one priority which is to utilize the best grade raw material in order to produce the most trustworthy products.

About the designing of our products, we ensure to innovate latest and most advanced technology products, so as to maintain unique features in our offerings. Working under the guiding light of Mr. Ashok Sharma (Partner), we remarkably excel at everything we do. He is a well experienced personnel who set milestones and objectives according to the capabilities of our company which we achieve with complete pride. Also, it is our objective to serve customers on a wider aspect, so, we, work as a Service Provider and provide maintenance and installation works for our offerings.

Why Us?

Choosing our company over any other is one of the best decisions our customers can make, we assure on that. We treat our customers like they are an strength of our company, because it is their contentment which can help us grow and earn prosperity in this highly competitive industry. Some of the most commendable features of our company which has attracted a large number of customers are mentioned below:-
  • Hi-Tech Infrastructural Base: We have maintained a sophisticated facility which simply aids us in executing the tasks with complete perfection.
  • Durable Product Range: A trustworthy quality of product is something we promise and deliver.
  • Client Centric Approach: Reaching out to customers in an integral and sincere manner is highly prioritized by our company.
  • Timely Delivery: We promise to punctually deliver our offerings to the doorsteps of customers.

Our Ambition

To make ourselves more stable and continuously enhance our capabilities so that we can achieve the milestones. The main ambition of our company is to prosper on the basis of a huge and satisfied clientele. Apart from this, we seek to attain a dominating position amongst the competitive entities of this industry.

We are dealing in the states like Chhattisgarh, Daman and Diu, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab, Rajasthan, Telangana and nearby local areas.